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the end is here. by Greta Swartz

The End is Here was written by Greta, featuring songs from the musical theatre cannon and beyond as part of her Musical Theatre capstone project. 

Last Christmas (By Wham!) by Greta Swartz

Cast: 2 (any gender)
Genre: 10 minute, drama, family drama

It’s a modern love story… an age-old heartbreak. Chris and Jamie are young parents at the end of their marriage. On this Christmas Eve, they are haunted by the ghosts of their mistakes as they both strive to achieve the one thing: a perfect final Christmas together as a family.

97% by Greta Swartz

Cast: 2+ (any gender)
Genre: 1 minute, choral play, drama

97% is a choral micro-play based on the spiraling thoughts of survivors compared with the ease that comes with denying accountability.

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